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Bible Gel Highlighters No Bleed - Earthy + Coral

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  • Earthy Colors: The highlighters exude an earthy charm with their palette, mirroring the serene tones found in nature's embrace. Each stroke brings forth the grounded tranquility of the natural world onto the page.
  • Coral Colors: The highlighters shimmer with an enchanting array of coral hues, reminiscent of sun-kissed shores and vibrant underwater reefs. Bringing a seaside serenity to your pages.
  • Smooth Ink: Effortlessly gliding, this highlighter illuminates with seamless strokes
  • Inspirational Tool: This special highlighter isn't just about colors; it's adorned with uplifting phrases that leap off the tip, leaving trails of encouragement and motivation.
  • Different Pallet Choices: From earthy tones to autumn's embrace, and the vibrant hues of a coral reef's enchantment.
  • Unique Design: A highlighter crafted with a touch of individuality that sets it apart from others. Its design defines our brand and high quality standards.
  • Perfect Gift Choice: Our gel highlighters are not just stationery; they're a unique and memorable present for anyone who loves a touch of color in their life.